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Women with stretch marks

Everything You Need to Know About Stretch Marks

And how to minimize their appearance, if you’re looking for a fix

Stretch marks seems like that they are the bane of women’s existence. They are quite common, in fact almost 50 to 90 percent of women have stretch marks, according to findings from the University of Michigan Health System. Even though there is nothing wrong with having stretch marks, many women feel self conscious when they have them, considering them to be a blemish on their beauty. According to dermatology experts, the most typical area for stretch marks to occur are the abdomen (from pregnancy or weight gain), breasts, hips and shoulders, and the buttock and thigh areas. As soon as they develop, it means trouble in the mind of the ladies. But the good news is, that stretch marks don’t last forever. In fact, they can be gotten rid of. How you may ask? By developing collagen in the skin, here is how you can get rid of your stretch marks.

What are Stretch Marks?

Our skin is made of several layers, the topmost layer of the skin is called the epidermis and the second layer below that is the dermis. The dermis is what we’re concerned with as it is the layer that contains bundles of collagen. According to experts, stretch marks occur when the skin grows rapidly, this causes it to stretch over the area resulting in the collagen bundles getting pulled in the dermis. As the bundles move away from each other, when the skin returns to its normal state, they cause the stretch marks to happen as the bundles are not supporting the top most layer. This incompatibility causes the epidermis to appear wrinkly and the marks to appear.

Is it possible to get rid of Stretch Marks?

Yes and no. There are methods such as the LANBENA Stretch Mark Removal Cream and ways which can minimize the stretch marks but they won’t go away 100%. As there are many factors that may cause the skin to stretch rapidly as we have discussed.

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Stretch marks are attributed to growth spurts that can include rapid weight gain, pregnancy, puberty and an increase in muscle mass from maybe working out. The phenomenon is that the sudden growth causes the collagen bundles are displaced from their corresponding place in the epidermis. The method to minimize them is to use collagen and fill in the gaps caused by the displacement.

How to get rid of them?

As the experts say, there is no FDA approved prescription that you can use here. But they do recommend that instead of opting for over the counter and at home topicals, and go for creams that contain retinoids. The topical may inflame your skin but nothing beyond that. But retinoids are substances that have documented proof of working to reduce stretch marks. Other than that, there are certain dermatological procedures that will get rid of them. Such as laser treatment. There are a number of home remedies as well, which you can try if you don’t fancy the medicines and dermatological treatment.

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